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We are available for general advice in our expertise fields. The advice is a free format subject and does not necessarily have to be a long term assignment:

• a few sparring ours
• some benchmarking
• a brain storm session
• a second opinion
• validation of a strategy
• help in writing a business plan
• discuss an investment or divestment
• the search or introduction to an investor
• how to invest in media and who to contact

The free format is charged per hour. The hour tariffs range from €175 to €275 per hour.



With the option of paid, owned and earned media, everyone can be called a publisher.
Content will have a different role in publishing

The production of content is less valued by the consumer and selling mainstream content to consumers is a declining act. Moreover, local players see the competitive edge of local content decrease. This asks for shifting gears.

Mobile and especially, the smartphone will become a dominant medium as to time spent to by the consumer. How to react to the smart phone dominance since the screen is small and decreases the possibilities but its location features provide other opportunities.

What impact has this on your business model?

The mobile playbook of Google addresses 5 relevant questions:

1. How does mobile change your value proposition?
2. How does mobile impact your digital destinations?
3. Is your organization adapting to mobile?
4. How should you adapt your marketing to mobile?
5. How can we connect with multi-screening audiences?

Some feel that the linear AIDA principle for communication phases is outdated. To a certain extent that is true. However, the circular Zero Moment of Truth as Google introduced it, has also its own reality. In order to shorten the argument let us assume that AIDA is still applicable but not necessarily as a linear process. The awareness, knowledge, liking and preference stage we refer to as the stages where you inspire and inform the potential customer.

A customer journey will usually start with the inspiration phase whereby relevant content is needed. For the information phase content is needed as well. However, the production of content is expensive. How to deal with that? To which extent, doyou have to create content and to which extent you can curate and aggregate content supported by the dynamism of a vivid community?

Since every company with owned and earned media, such as a website, newsletter, app, data collection, social presence, etc has become a publisher these questions pop up constantly.

You need help? We are here to help you with advice and if desired, with the connection to the right specialists.


Advertising and monetization

Even though advertising is an increasingly hign competitive market, the number of parties dependent on advertising as main source of revenue is increasing.
Data driven advertising

More and more parties rely on advertising as main source of income in their business models and combined with the fact that the potential customer has to deal with an overload of information, this creates a very challenging situation.

All the more reason that if you rely on advertising, you better do it good. Naturally, every company engaged in advertising is looking for more revenue. And ofcourse sales has to do more and better. In general the opinion of everyone outside the sales department. However, doing more and better does not necessarily mean more visits, more phone calls and so on. The proper execution of sales requires more intelligence. Yield management has become increasingly more important in the mix of advertising sales activities. The combination of good automated trading instruments and the availability of more data makes good yield management extremely rewarding. Automated trading should not only be regarded as a tool through which you sell your remnant inventory. We can help you with a good roadmap to execute.

Advertisers want more service, more tailor made solutions from their advertising supply partners. Just selling available space and airtime does not suffice anymore. To be more successful, the advertising product need extensions as to effectiveness, clear results and creative content. We know the way to follow and can help you with setting up marketing and performance partnerships.


Scary graph



Utilising multi-channel selling. Even Tesco, the 2nd largest retailer of the world uses Ebay UK as a sales channel. Did you know that 39% of units sold on Amazon Q4 2012 were by 3rd party merchants, not Amazon?
Ecommerce on mobile grows rapridly

Ecommerce will grow significantly further but everyone engaged in ecommerce faces fierce price competition since everything is transparent and local presence is only a diminishing competitive advantage. Mobile and especially the smart phone will play an increasingly dominant role in the crucial phases prior to the purchase. Price can not be the only denominator. We know how the inspiration and information phases that precede the transaction face, will help to build a competitive edge resulting into more revenue.

If your core business is ecommerce do not come to us. You know probably better what to do.

But if you consider ecommerce as an additional sales channel or an additional revenue stream, we can help you with the different questions that will pop up.

What is your value proposition, what do you expect from it and what should you do yourself?

Should you start your own website, (mobile and desktop) or seek presence at an existing platform, like or If you start yourself, which is easy by the way, since wordpress, magento, joomla provide many easy ecommerce extensions, how are your potential customers going to find you? Do you want actively market your ecommerce platform or is this a passive landing place for existing customers? Since SEO and SEA are in general the biggest online traffic drivers, how are you going to play that game well and what are the general issues to take into consideration. For example, SEA is expensive and online ecommerce margins are low. Therefore, you really have to calculate well before you start, so that you can monitor frequently which buttons should be turned and which CPS or CPC arrangements can be made with lead generators.

We help you with defining the right considerations before you enter the ecommerce arena. Subsequently, we can help with the right parties to execute.


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