Barbara Gray writes:

A Deep Dive into the Top Fifty Abundance Economy Companies

The fastest growing companies are the companies that effectively connect the long tail supply to an abundance of demand. Interesting is that she categorizes those companies into 5 classes:

In our in-depth research report, we categorize the top fifty Abundance Economy companies on the basis of the source of their value origination into five classes:

  • Assets – Short-term rentals of homes, cars, boats, commercial space
  • Goods – Reselling apparel through the new Closet Sharing Economy
  • Delivery Services – On-demand goods delivery and personal chauffeuring
  • Commodity Services – On-demand home and caregiver services
  • Specialized Services – Online marketplaces for specialized skill providers

To gain insights into the potential for each company to achieve abundance, we developed a qualitative analytical framework featuring ten economic characteristics. Based on this, the most attractive classes are Assets and Specialized Services, with the top-scoring companies being Airbnb, RelayRides, PivotDesk,Storefront, Uber, Lyft, Vayable, Good Eggs, and Sherpaa. We note Getaround,etsy, Gumroad, Skillshare, and Quirky also ranked favorably in terms of their competitive position. The most challenged companies, which we expect to face an increasing competitive environment, appear to be the “Closet Sharing Economy” companies in the Goods class, the goods Delivery Service companies, and the household/caregiver Commodity Services companies.

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