For whom?

If you are engaged in professional services in general, or a digital company, a publisher, a media owner or a company having a significant publishing activity or portfolio, you may turn to us. We help you in developing your business proposition and how to play the game of marketing, communication and sales in a B2B arena.

Steven van Bellegem (Marketing 2020) tells about the consumer and say you have to sell without selling. Zappos, the US online shoe shop, made client service a phenomenon in such way that everyone talked about it. Although these 2 examples relate to consumers, we can learn from these examples.


The 5p's

In a B2B perspective, we definitely choose for the 5P’s rather than only four:

• Product - Service
• Price
• Place – Distribution
• Promotion
• People (the 5th!)

What holds true, is that a company should walk the talk. Therefore, the culture or behavior of your client facing people is an essential part of your commercial power.

With the right product and the right pricing, the sales force should be able to effectively connect potential clients to your products and services for the right price.


Better sales, better solutions

Ofcourse sales has to do more and better (the usual opinion of everybody else in the company;-)) , but not necessarily only by more visits, more phone calls and so on. But with the proper use of market - client segmentation and the intelligent insights that available data can provide, a sales force next level can be created. Accountability and responsibility are key to success. Mobile dashboards linking data (also external market data for indicating a relative performance) to results in behavior do have impact.


Advertising product and sales

If your business model is based upon an advertising model, we can help you with all the P’s as mentioned above in order to improve you commercial proposition.

Yield management has become increasingly more important in the mix of advertising sales activities. The combination of good automated trading instruments and the availability of more data makes good yield management extremely rewarding. Automated trading should not only be regarded as a tool through which you sell your remnant inventory. We can help you with a good roadmap to execute.

Advertisers want more service, more tailor made solutions from their advertising supply partners. Just selling available space and airtime does not suffice anymore. To be more successful, the advertising product need extensions as to effectiveness, clear results and creative content. We know the way to follow and can help you with setting up marketing and performance partnerships. A better connection between commercial activities and where the content is produced, and/or aggregated and curated, will provide better possibilities for native advertising.

We can help you with your value positioning of your advertising product.