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Africa Business Communities was set up in 2009 by Bas Vlugt and VMH Digital - Marc Stubbé.

Africa Business Communities is a Digital B2B Publisher that enables companies and organizations to connect with African Business Professionals.

Africa Business Communities supports doing business in Africa by custom media productions and market research.

Africa Business Communities started with Ning communities but saw quickly the power of the social network LinkedIn and shifted gears towards LinkedIn. Currently, it manages 25 of the 50 biggest LinkedIn groups focused on Africa and reaches more than 700.000 African business professionals.

It started the separate services, the Africa Press List and the Africa Business Panel, the biggest online business panel of Africa.

Africa Business Communities holds offices in Accra, Ghana and Haarlem, The Netherlands.

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Journalists in the African Press List


Africa Press List

The Africa Press List is a powerful and highly effective PR tool being fully interactive and social media savvy. The clients of the Africa Press List get direct access to this online tool that enables them to conduct tailor made press release campaigns.

The Africa Press List provides a service with the following features:

• A worldwide selection of journalists working for the most prominent media reporting on Africa
• 4 Languages: English, French, Portuguese and Arabic
• 6 Media Types: Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet and Blogs
• 30 Fields of interest
• Coverage in 54 African countries
• Personal and direct contact with African journalists

  • The economy of most African countries will grow by more than 6% per year for the next 5 years.
    The Economist, 2013
  • Africa has more than a billion consumers.
    Vijay Mahajan
  • Africa is the tenth largest economy of the world
    Vijay Mahajan
  • Many economic activities are unrecorded. With much of its economies informal, many African countries have richer citizens than statistics indicate.
    Tom Jerven
  • There is an urgent need to address the shortcomings of development statistics in Africa.
    Shanta Devarajan

    Africa Business Panel

    Africa Business Panel is the biggest online B2B market research panel focused on Africa, with more than 13.500 registered participants.

    Africa Business Panel is a cooperation of Africa Business Communities and renowned market research firm MSI-ACI.

    ABP is a strong market research tool with members who work in the private sector for companies registered in and operating out of Africa. They are the senior managers, entrepreneurs or professionals that form the backbone of the business community throughout Africa.

    MSI Advanced Customer Insights consists of enthusiastic professionals who think the intersection of technology, human behaviour and marketing is fascinating — and ripe with opportunity. We are adept at finding more meaningful ways to communicate in an age of over-communication and eager to share smart new solutions that turn insight into foresight.

    MSI-ACI, located in Amsterdam, is:
    • A subsidiary of a leading US-based market intelligence firm, MSI International.
    • Focused on online communities – from dialogue marketing portals like INtouch™ to proprietary global communities like PlanetPanel.
    • Expert in technology-powered insight generation.
    • Developing radically different solutions for optimizing customer value.
    • International in scope and multi-cultural in outlook, with offices in Amsterdam, Philadelphia and Seattle.