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VMH Digital invested in Qiy and assisted in the early phase.

Qiy is a movement claiming personal data is so valuable that it should not be owned and controlled by data-collecting organizations alone. As personal data is about individuals, they need control over their data, because only then they can choose with whom they prefer to (anonymously) share their data. “I share with whom I trust.”

Qiy is turning the Internet upside down and is making privacy a fundamental layer of any networked interaction in the post Google & Facebook era. This movement is called life management platforms. It makes it possible to share personal data controlled by the people themselves: trusted organizations are given access to validated data, without privacy issues. This makes ‘cookies’ obsolete.

Qiy Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2011. It is based on an idea from 2006 by the Dutch serial entrepreneur Marcel van Galen and co-founders Bram Neuteboom and Maarten Louman. Qiy Foundation is based in Boxtel, Netherlands. Being a non-profit and non-governmental organization funded by private investments, bonds and governmental innovation loans, Qiy Foundation places a large emphasis on maintaining independence on all levels. User’s independence is ensured both by technical means, such as strong encryption of all data and communications, by legal means and by policies maintained by the foundation, to which all involved parties must strictly adhere.

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