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We are available for general advice in our expertise fields. The advice is a free format subject and does not necessarily have to be a long term assignment. - Read more

Business and commercial development

If you are engaged in professional services, or more specific, a digital company, a publisher, a media owner or a company having a significant publishing activity or portfolio, you may turn to us. We help you in developing your business proposition and how to play the game of marketing, communication and sales in a B2B arena.


We have experience in making investments and divestments. We have sold companies either by selling the shares or through an asset and debt-deal. Sometimes, we make an investment ourselves, as part of a so called entrepreneurial engagement. Then we take a role as an active investor. Therefore, we only invest in companies active in the field of digital, media or technology. Look at our portfolio.
Fields of Expertise

We know about Digital, Media and Technology and can share years of experience and insights at strategic-tactical level. We can help you in the field of advertising, publishing and ecommerce.

The digital developments have made the entry barrier for publishing content so low that publishing has become a mainstream activity and everyone can call himself a publisher. Companies selling content or knowledge based services see an erosion of their product. Content is either free or fantastic and in the latter case it has become almost always a freemium product since every traditional medium has a digital side-kick.
Advertising is a way to get information to the potential customer. But it is only received as information by the potential customer if it is relevant to him.

More and more parties rely on advertising as main source of income in their business models and combined with the fact that the potential customer has to deal with an overload of information, this creates a very challenging situation.

Ecommerce will grow significantly but everyone engaged in ecommerce faces fierce price competition. Everything is transparent and local presence is only a diminishing competitive advantage. Mobile and especially the smart phone will play an increasingly dominant role in the crucial phases prior to the purchase. Price can not be the only denominator. We know how the inspiration and information phases that precede the transaction face, will help to build a competitive edge resulting into more revenue.